Why Preemergence Applications Always Pay Off

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Clean soybean rows

Although it may be tempting to reduce herbicide costs by eliminating preemergence applications on your soybean acres this season, doing so can lead to long-term consequences.

“Short-term savings on herbicide applications often result in increased costs and frustration in the long run,” says Scott Pringnitz, market development specialist, Corteva Agriscience.

Here are three ways that incorporating preemergence applications as part of a full weed control program offers long-term benefits:

  1. Shifting weed populations. Weed spectrums are naturally shifting across the Midwest as populations escape herbicide program control. Pringnitz says waterhemp is one weed that will likely present more of a challenge to growers this season. “Waterhemp continues to increase in population density — germinating late into the growing season and affecting more acres over time,” Pringnitz says.

    A strong preemergence application with residual herbicides will help prevent challenging weeds like waterhemp from gaining a foothold in your soybean fields.
  2. More modes of action. The chances of weeds developing resistance to herbicides that utilize a single mode of action are very high. Preemergence applications enable you to use more modes of action and residual herbicides to combat challenging weeds.

    “Multiple modes of action can control a broader spectrum of weeds and greatly extend the effectiveness of weed control programs,” Pringnitz says.
  3. Less pressure on postemergence applications. Preemergence applications are vital in reducing the yield impact from early season weed competition and extending the postemergence application window. Failure to incorporate preemergence herbicides in your weed control program will likely result in the need for multiple postemergence applications, more weed escapes and greater risk of weed resistance.  

Weed pressure will vary by operation, so Corteva Agriscience offers a variety of strong and flexible solutions — including powerful preemergence herbicides for your soybean fields. View the full soybean portfolio here, and work with your local retailer to design a program that makes sense for your operation.