Herbicide Sprayer Cleanout Resources

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Sprayer Cleanout Done Right

Proper equipment cleanout is essential to success with the Enlist® weed control system. Get all the expert information you need to get the job done right on the Tech Topics page of Enlist.com.


And you can find more resources to help ensure effective postemergence applications, including videos, articles and audio, farther down this page.

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Equipment Cleanout Articles

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Tank Cleanout Checklist to Avoid Crop Injury

Use this handy checklist to ensure you’re hitting all the steps to prevent crop injury between herbicide applications.

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The Right Way to Triple Rinse Your Sprayer

Get a breakdown of the proper way to triple rinse your sprayer between applications.

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Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® Herbicides

Learn how Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides provide effective weed control for Enlist® crops.

Downloadable Resources

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Enlist® Product Use Guide

Get all the details you need to use the Enlist® weed control system correctly.

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Enlist® Herbicides Application Guide

Get the details right for Enlist Duo® herbicide or Enlist One® herbicide applications with this application guide.

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Managing for Profit on Brownfield

Corteva Agriscience crop protection experts share the latest agronomic insights on Managing for Profit on Brownfield Ag radio. Listen to past episodes and find complementary informational resources. 

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Managing for Profit Episode

Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides are not registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area. Enlist Duo and Enlist One herbicides are the only 2,4-D products authorized for use with Enlist® crops. Consult Enlist herbicide labels for weed species controlled. Always read and follow label directions.