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Corteva AgriscIence and Brownfield Ag News bring corn and soybean farmers the latest agronomic insights on Managing for Profit. The short radio segments feature seasonal advice from Corteva crop protection experts. Dive deeper into this week’s episode with helpful resources, including articles, videos and fact sheets. And catch up on past episodes right on this page.

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How Corn Weed Control Pays at Harvest

Learn how effective weed control, from early in the season onward, can directly impact corn yield potential. Plus, how to build a powerful program for clean fields from pre- to postemergence.

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Spring stabilization spreading nitrogen

Spring Nitrogen Stabilization

If you apply spring fertilizer, you may think your nitrogen is safe from loss. Unfortunately, nitrogen can be lost anytime – even spring and sidedress. Learn the best ways to protect your investment. 

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Soybean Field Planning

A successful season requires careful field planning. Set yourself up for success.

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When Weeds Emerge in Soybean Fields

Weed emergence patterns continue to shift in soybean fields across the Midwest. Understanding these patterns can help you get more effective weed control — and higher yield potential. 

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Effective Corn Weed Control Pays at Harvest

Learn about the ways effective weed control can directly impact corn yield potential — and how to build a powerful program for clean fields from pre- to postemergence.

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Burndown in corn field

Successful Spring Burndown Applications

A spring burndown prevents weed competition from interfering with corn and soybeans early in the growing season. This strong start can help ensure maximum yield potential. Get resources covering products and practices for burndown success.

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Weed Control for Early Planted Soybeans

Planting soybeans early can bring higher yield, but the practice can also bring challenges. Weed control, for one, can be more difficult. Get expert advice to keep your early planted soybean acres clean.

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Sprayer in early emerging corn

What Makes Kyro™ Herbicide Unique

Kyro™ herbicide is the newest postemergence corn herbicide from Corteva Agriscience. See what unique benefits this innovative solution can offer.

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How a Weed Control Program Approach Pays Off

 See four ways a diversified program approach to weed control pays off in the short term and the long run.

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Zoomed in sprayer arm spraying corn

Time Your Postemerge Corn Application Right

Use these expert resources to time your postemergence corn herbicide application for effective control and optimal crop safety. 

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Side view active sprayer in soybean field

Timing Your Postemerge Soy Application Right

Use these expert resources to time your postemergence soybean herbicide application for maximum weed control. 

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Sprayer in soybeans, front view, horizon

Details for Postemergence Applications

Use these expert resources to make sure you cover all the essential details for effective postemergence herbicide applications.

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Farmer filling sprayer from Enlist tote

The Right Tank-mix Recipe

Get the most out of your herbicide applications with these resources for the right tank-mix recipe.

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