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When Weeds Emerge in Midwestern Soybean Fields

This fact sheet gives an overview of when herbicide-resistant broadleaf weeds typically emerge in Midwestern soybean fields. Use this information to plan an effective weed control program for maximum yield potential.

And you can find more resources on this topic, including articles and audio, farther down this page.

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The Right Soybean Herbicides for Your Acres

Build a custom program to meet your toughest weed control challenges with the soybean herbicides from Corteva Agriscience. 

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Seasonal Soybean Weed Control Articles

Read on for expert advice to help keep your soybean fields clean all season long.

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Why Preemergence Applications Always Pay Off

Here are three reasons to make a preemergence residual herbicide part of your soybean weed control program.

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What Can Be Done About Late-season Weeds?

If you have late-emerging weeds or weed escapes in your soybean fields, see what you can do to combat them. 

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Managing for Profit on Brownfield

Corteva Agriscience crop protection experts share the latest agronomic insights on the Managing for Profit radio program on Brownfield Ag News. Listen to past episodes and find complementary informational resources. 

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