Crop Protection Products to Use in 2024

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Aerial of corn harvest

Your customers make significant investments in their seed each year. That’s why it’s important for you to recommend products that can protect that investment throughout the upcoming growing season. Here are some of our top crop protection products to help your customers’ corn and soybean fields thrive in 2024.

Solutions for Disease Management

From tar spot in corn to white mold in soybeans, we have fungicides proven to prevent crop disease from limiting row-crop yield.

Aproach® Prima fungicide— Aproach Prima can be used on both corn and soybeans to stop the clock on several diseases that growers across the Midwest have encountered this year. With differentiated modes of action, Aproach Prima helps stop the spread of infection, prevent new infection for up to 21 days after treatment and slow disease development.

  • Tank-mixing Tip: Aproach Prima can be applied with Sosdia® Stress abiotic stress mitigator for improved plant health at corn tassel. Sosdia Stress contains proline — a natural amino acid — and potassium to protect plant cells, reduce water loss and improve stomata function — helping crops thrive even under challenging conditions.

Aproach fungicide — Unique properties allow Aproach to quickly move into and within the plant. This movement helps protect poorly covered leaf surfaces, plus leaves and stems that have not yet emerged, and delivers protection closer to the soil surface for control where many plant diseases originate. And when weather and other crop demands make it difficult to time fungicide applications precisely, Aproach compensates with better coverage, preventive and curative activity, and residual control.

Viatude fungicide — Northern U.S. soybean growers now have a new fungicide from Corteva Agriscience in their arsenal in the constant fight against the yield-limiting disease white mold. With proven performance from two of the strongest white mold actives, Viatude offers preventive and curative action on white mold to reduce disease infection, enabling farmers to maximize yield potential. Viatude also is labeled for white mold in canola.

  • Tank-mixing Tip: Viatude can be paired with Aproach in a two-pass system for even stronger plant health throughout the season. A program approach with two fungicide passes, along with other Integrated Pest Management practices, can help prevent disease resistance from developing.

Solutions for Weed Control

We offer comprehensive portfolios of corn and soybean herbicides so your customers can create the right herbicide programs for their operations. A weed control program approach that includes multiple modes of action and extended residual activity can help customers tackle the toughest weeds while preventing herbicide resistance.

Soybean program approach — Visit Corteva.us to learn more about each of these solutions offered.

Corn program approach — Visit Corteva.us to learn more about each of these solutions offered. 

Solutions for Nutrient Management

Recent input costs have incentivized many farmers and retailers to look for ways to maximize the crop growth response to fertilizer inputs and, ultimately, get more yield per acre of land. The following products can be used to reduce nutrient loss and improve nutrient use efficiency on your customers’ farms. 

N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizer works with anhydrous ammonia, while Instinct NXTGEN® nitrogen stabilizer maximizes nitrogen when used with UAN, urea and liquid manure. Both products work underground, where up to 70% of nitrogen loss can occur.

Biological products, such as Utrisha® N and Utrisha P, make excellent partners with existing farming practices. They complement the products you already trust, working with them to ensure crops get the nutrients they need throughout the season for enhanced yield potential.

Help Your Customers Save More With the TruChoice® Offer

By funding a prepay account before the March 1, 2024, deadline, your customers can save up to 10% on crop protection next year. Herbicides, fungicides, nitrogen stabilizers, biologicals — you name it. Your customers can use their rewards on the entire suite of input needs.

Learn more about the program benefits at Corteva.us/TruChoice.

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