Notification Programs

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Notification Programs

Being prepared to effectively communicate throughout a herbicide application can positively influence public perception about veg management and herbicides. 

An effective notification program: 

- Enhances compliance

- Reduces complaints

- Increases treatment efficiency 

As a result, companies that effectively manage these programs see a high return on their investment. 

Public Attitudes

Property owners’ attitudes usually fall into three categories when discussing herbicides and safely maintaining reliable power:


Have had a positive prior experience or are comfortable with the vegetation management practices.


May have had a bad experience or have been negatively influenced by the media, neighbors, etc.


Don’t have a strong opinion (good or bad) about herbicide use.

When notifying or reacting to questions during an application, it’s important to remember the following:

Don’t do anything that may cause people who are uncomfortable or uncommitted to become concerned.

Your job is to notify — not to argue or try to talk people out of their beliefs.

You have the opportunity to proactively or reactively influence uncommitted property owners because they don’t have a strong opinion about herbicide use. Initiate interaction by approaching landowners to communicate reasons for vegetation management in advance of action being taken. This proactive approach is preferred as it gives landowners a sense of control over the situation.

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Additional Resources to Review

Notify Your Neighbor Resource Guide 

A communications resource guide containing strategies, techniques and key messages to provide a foundation for effective conversations with landowners and the general public.


Notify Your Neighbor Brochure  

Provides answers to frequently asked questions from homeowners about the necessary vegetation management maintenance happening near their property.

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