Utility Vegetation Management

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utility vegetation managers

Safeguard Utility Infrastructure and the Environment

Incompatible vegetation poses a threat to impact utility infrastructure and adjacent ecosystems. Corteva Agriscience provides products, solutions, support and expertise to enhance electrical transmission reliability and environmental sustainability. 

Products for Utility Vegetation Managers

Find Corteva products manufactured for use on electric transmission rights-of-way, utility substations and adjacent land.

A butterfly sitting on a flower

Enhance Beneficial Wildlife Habitat

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) programs featuring selective herbicide applications can be used to manage rights-of-way for habitat biodiversity.

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IVM for utility ROW

Utility Vegetation Management

Access this ebook for cost effective solutions to enhance electrical service reliability and environmental sustainability

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Industry Resources

Align your program and communication strategies with the help of these industry resources from Corteva Agriscience. 

Roadside vegetation managers

Vegetation Education

Enhance your industry expertise with 8 self-guided trainings and a variety of educational resources.

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Electric power substation

Innovative Bareground Control

Working on substations? Find tank-mixing guidance and best practices to enhance bareground results.

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Managing vegetation for habitat enhancement

Notify Your Neighbor

Discover communication strategies and key messages to effectively engage landowners and the general public.

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Western rangeland

Protecting Utility Sites in the Western Rangeland

Broadleaf weed control is essential throughout utility substations and right-of-way corridors. In the Western Rangeland, where diverse landscapes necessitate application flexibility, HighNoon™ herbicide can simplify work for land managers working to achieve various land-use goals.

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