Crabgrass: Spot It & Stop It

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Crabgrass view from top

Crabgrass. The large bunch-type grass is a menace to turf around the country. And properly identifying and understanding it is key to controlling it.

How to spot crabgrass

  • The tall membranous ligule has jagged edges and no auricles
  • Seedhead spikelets in two to nine fingerlike branches along the stalk
  • Leaves are rolled in the bud, and the collar is broad with long hairs

A single plant can produce 150,000 seeds even at mowing heights as low as 1/2-inch. It begins to germinate when soil temperatures remain steady at 55 F. Letting one plant slip through the cracks can lead to more work next season.

How to control crabgrass

Now that you’ve accurately identified the weed, you can focus on this menace to lawns and turfs everywhere:

  • Selecting Preemergence Herbicides
    When selecting a preemergence herbicide, look for products with the active ingredient dithiopyr – like Dimension® specialty herbicide. Dimension provides season-long preemergence control and early postemergence control in multiple formulations. Plus, it’s effective on 45 grassy and broadleaf weeds, and inhibits root growth of susceptible weeds.
  • Soil Temperatures
    When soil temperatures approach 55 F, start applying a preemergence herbicide. Preemergence herbicides, like Dimension®, prevent germinated weed seedlings from becoming established.
  • Follow the Label
    Consult the product label for recommended application rates for your area as well as seeding and reseeding rates.

Spotting problem weeds and properly identifying them is the first step to healthy turf. For more information and treatment options, check out these online resources.

State restrictions on the sale and use of Dimension® specialty herbicide products apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions.


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