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You’re the force that protects and maintains.

You tend lawns and protect plots, keeping grasses green and weeds at bay. You safeguard us from noxious weeds, unkempt fields and unsightly eyesores. You consult homeowners to create flowerbeds, ensuring their yards are bright and beautiful. You are the guardian of our lawns. And we’re here to help.​

Your operation. Our products.

Together, let’s find solutions that speak to the consultant and collaborator in you: the lawn care operator who knows the difference between getting the job done, and getting it done right.

Dimension® specialty herbicide

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A weed-free lawn is the foundation of success. Dimension® specialty herbicide is the preemergence herbicide you can rely on, offering excellent early postemergence control of crabgrass + 45 other grassy weeds.

Crew® specialty herbicide

Crew specialty herbicide logo

How does exceptional, worry-free control sound? Crew® specialty herbicide combines the power and proven safety of Dimension® + Gallery® specialty herbicides to offer satisfying, superior broadleaf and grassy weed control.

Snapshot® specialty herbicide

Snapshot specialty herbicide logo

Beautiful, thriving plants on pristine lawns. That’s what customers want to see. Snapshot® specialty herbicide delivers season-long preemergence control of more than 120 broadleaf and grassy weeds, making it the perfect solution for landscape beds and lawns. 

Gallery® specialty herbicide

Gallery specialty herbicide logo

Need season-long control of more than 90 broadleaf weeds? Gallery® specialty herbicide offers preemergence control and flexibility in one convenient application, with best-in-class turf safety and significant application versatility. 

Defendor® specialty herbicide

Defendor specialty herbicide logo

It’s time to ditch dandelions. We’ve got you covered: Defendor® specialty herbicide is your ideal postemergence solution, preventing dandelion bloom and controlling other spring weeds before customers see them. 

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Your operation is unique. Find product and maintenance information to address the properties you protect here. 

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Save on time with Crew® specialty herbicide

Worrying about results and customer callbacks? You shouldn’t have to. Fortunately, Crew® specialty herbicide provides exceptional, worry-free broadleaf and grassy weed control, providing you with a time-saving 2-in-1 preemergence solution for 120+ grassy and broadleaf weeds. 

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Weed control is only part of what you do. From identifying weeds to helping you refine agronomic strategies, our resources will help you do what you need to succeed.

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Weed ID Guide

Effective weed control starts with identification. Learn to identify 90+ grassy and broadleaf weeds.

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Corteva Ultimate Rewards

The power is in your hands. Don’t miss special offers and rebates with Corteva Ultimate Rewards. 

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Set Your Course

All you need for maintenance and product info. Upgrade your operation with Set Your Course.  

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