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You’re a cultivator who plants and fertilizes opportunities.

You are the dreamer who sees something beautiful in a seed, and the gardener who knows what wonderful things can happen when seeds grow. You are the cultivator of our resources. And we’re here to help.​

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Protect against pests with XXpire® insecticide

Just like nursery and greenhouse operators, an effective insecticide should do more than one thing. XXpire® insecticide protects against pests, doesn’t disrupt certain beneficials, and leaves no residue on leaves or flowers, while mitigating resistance. XXpire combines two active ingredients to control more than 39 insects, including seven of the top 10 chewing and sap-feeding insects.

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Your nursery. Your greenhouse. Our products.

Together, let’s find ornamental solutions that speak to the grower in you: the nursery operator who knows the difference between getting the job done, and getting it done right. 

Gallery® specialty herbicide

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Gallery® specialty herbicide was made for nursery operators. With best-in-class ornamental safety — a claim verified by rigorous testing on more than 700 ornamentals — Gallery works around the clock, offering 5-6 months of long lasting weed control. 

Snapshot® specialty herbicide

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You need beautiful, thriving plants. Snapshot® specialty herbicide will get you there. Offering control of more than 600 ornamentals, Snapshot gives you the confidence you need to grow what you need.

Dimension® specialty herbicide

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Ornamental safety is the foundation of success. That’s why Dimension® specialty herbicide offers exceptional safety on more than 440 ornamental plants, making it an ideal solution — and the backbone — of your integrated pest management program. 

Learn how to protect and preserve what you grow

Your nursery is unique. Find product and maintenance information to address your operation needs here. 

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Understanding insecticide resistance

You’re not just a nursery operator. You’re also an around-the-clock entomologist: studying harmful and beneficial insects and learning about insecticide resistance. Learn more about product applications and maintenance techniques that will help you do what you do best: protect what you grow.

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Your nursery. Our resources. We know it takes a village to protect your investment — but together, we can protect it. Find resources to help you maintain your nursery and showcase beautiful ornamentals. 

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Weed ID Guide

Effective weed control starts with identification. Learn to identify 90+ grassy and broadleaf weeds.

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Corteva Ultimate Rewards

The power is in your hands. Don’t miss special offers and rebates with Corteva Ultimate Rewards. 

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Set Your Course

All you need for ornamental product solutions. Upgrade your operation with Set Your Course.  

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GCS. LCO. Nursery operator. Distributor. No matter what you do, we’ve got more to offer you. Because you aren’t defined by one title. You’re defined by the hard work that makes your title meaningful.