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What’s the key to a great growing season? We asked Dr. Jared Hoyle, territory manager, that very question. Explore the tips and tricks that he keeps in mind to keep his customers’ turf weed-free.

Keep Timing and Weather Top of Mind

Hoyle: First things first. Timing. Timing is king for most of the Midwest. Having a good preemergence herbicide — such as Dimension® specialty herbicide — can help you knock out a broad spectrum of weeds and give you a chance to stop them before they pop up.

When thinking about timing, it's important to remember soil temperature, he added. The Midwest is no stranger to fluctuating weather. Soil temperatures can rapidly increase or decrease all throughout the spring time. 

We use soil temperaterus as a way to time out preemergent applications especially for summer annual weeds. Most commonly we state that soil temperatures often need to be above 55 degrees consistently, not just for a day or two for weeds like crabgrass to germinate. If the daily average soil temperatures are just hovering around that 55 degree mark — start your preemergence program or even before to have your preemergent application done before weed emergence. If you wait too long, it may be too late. If it is too late you would want to make sure you use a preemergent herbicide that would also have post activity like Dimension for the early postemergent activity on crabgrass and continued preemergent activity for crabgrass and other summer annual weeds.

Utilize Tank-mixes and Multiple Applications

Hoyle: Tank-mixing gives you plenty of benefits and flexibility. For example, if you need a liquid version of Crew® specialty herbicide, you can tank-mix Dimension and Gallery® specialty herbicides and get the same active ingredients, which you can apply at the same rates. You’re also picking up more broadleaf weeds than the other products as well as have the ability to even boost it up more with the addition of Gallery specialty herbicide for a premium broad-spectrum weed control program of both grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Now you see why I like to use Dimension specialty herbicide as the foundation of success in any weed control program. You get the benefits and flexibility; and if you are conducting split applications, you are stacking that active ingredient for increased duration of control. 

Know Your Active Ingredients

Snapshot®, Crew and the mixture of Dimension and Gallery specialty herbicides provide excellent control of many weeds.

Isoxaben is the active ingredient in Gallery but also included in Snapshot and Crew specialty herbicides. 

Dithiopyr is another active ingredient and is the main active ingredient in Dimension specialty herbicide. It helps the herbicide provide season-long preemergence control and early postemergence crabgrass control in multiple formulations. Plus, it’s effective on over 45 other grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Calibrate Your Equipment

Hoyle: I want to share a reminder to make sure you have calibrated your spreaders or sprayers to know you’re delivering the correct rate of what you’re applying. Too much and you’re wasting money. Not enough and you’ll be coming back to clean up those beds or turfgrass again.

In your battle with weeds, whatever they may be and wherever you are, keep these tips and tricks in your back pocket. For more geographically specific tips and tricks, and to learn how Corteva can help you keep your turf clean, contact your territory manager.

™ ® Crew, Dimension, Gallery and Snapshot are trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies. Crew® is not registered for sale, distribution or use in New York. Other state restrictions on the sale and use of Crew may apply. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. State restrictions on the sale and use of Dimension® and Snapshot® apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions. 


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