Kick the Hand-Weeding Habit

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Clean flower bed along sidewalk

You don’t need a medical professional to tell you that hand-weeding is hard on the back. It doesn’t do your bottom line any good either. Hand-weeding is driven by three main concerns — obtaining complete weed control, plant safety and timing. When done in excess, hand-weeding becomes expensive, labor-intensive and timing-consuming; taking time away from other business opportunities. Save labor and time with the proven performance of Snapshot® specialty herbicide. 

Offering exceptional plant safety, Snapshot is labeled for use on more ornamentals than any other granular preemergence herbicide, including sensitive species, such as hostas, begonias and lilyturf. It controls more than 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds and can be applied to 635 ornamentals without harming them. Snapshot can be used on landscape ornamentals, groundcovers/perennials, mulched areas, Christmas tree plantations and other labeled sites. Snapshot works by disrupting weed seed development as seeds germinate. Seedlings gradually die before they ever break the soil surface. The convenient granular formulation of Snapshot bonds tightly with soil particles and the low water solubility holds it within the application zone. Apply Snapshot® specialty herbicide in early spring prior to germination of target weeds, in late summer to early fall, or immediately after cultivation. 

State restrictions on the sale and use of Snapshot apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions. 


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