10 Tips for Effective Herbicide Applications

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Herbicides are the most effective method for controlling broadleaf and grassy weeds in turf, but they must be applied correctly and at the proper time. Check out these helpful tips as you make your applications this spring. 

  1. Identify the weed problem. Your choice of herbicide and recommended application rates will vary by weed species and timing.  
  2. Read the label. Always read and follow label directions to ensure proper application and effective weed control. 
  3. Use a broad-spectrum herbicide. For effective and efficient weed control, look for a herbicide that controls a wide range of grassy and broadleaf weeds. Check the label to understand which weeds will be controlled or suppressed with the application.  
  4. Use the labeled application rates. Don’t try to save money by using less product. It will cost you more in the long run to come back and re-treat. 
  5. Refer to higher labeled rates if necessary. Use the higher rates if hard-to-control species are prevalent, when applications are made in late summer or to mature weeds, or during periods of drier weather. Spot treatments are particularly effective during these times.  
  6. Mixing order matters. Make sure you read the label to understand the total amount of water, herbicide and surfactant needed for each application. 
  7. Use proper sanitation. Clean equipment before you treat your next property to avoid cross-contamination.  
  8. Practice good cultural control. Maintain healthy turf by fertilizing and mowing at the proper height and frequency. Healthy grass can outcompete weeds for light, water and nutrients to reduce the level of infestation. 
  9. Calibrate your equipment. Uniform application is essential for effective weed control. A slight variation in the application rate may cause poor control, resulting in a loss of time and money.  
  10. Make the application at the right time. Consider geography, weather and other environmental conditions. Preemergence herbicides are generally applied in spring and fall to control weed seedlings prior to weed seed germination. Postemergence herbicides control weeds that are small and actively growing in late spring, summer or early fall. 


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