Weeds 101: Dollarweed

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Dollarweed, or pennywort (Hydrocotyle spp.), is a warm-season perennial that is most often found in wet sites. Dollarweed is often confused with dichondra, where the petiole is attached to the edge of a kidney-shaped leaf. 

What to look for: Green, glossy leaves resembling lily pads 

Life cycle: Warm-season perennial 

Leaves: Green, glossy leaves that are round in shape with scalloped edges; a long, slender petiole is attached to the center of the leaf, forming an umbrellalike appearance 

Flowers: Clusters of white flowers form in summer 

Look-alikes: Dichondra 

Commonly found: In moist to wet sites or anywhere moisture is in excess 

Treatment recommendations

Minimize irrigation, because most turfgrasses can survive with less moisture than dollarweed can. Apply LockUp® specialty herbicide when dollarweed is actively growing. Repeat spring or fall applications may be necessary, as dollarweed can be difficult to control for an entire growing season.  

State restrictions on the sale and use of LockUp apply. Consult the labels of products containing LockUp before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions. 


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