Weeds 101: White Clover 

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White clover

Known for its low-growing behavior and ability to thrive in moist soils, white clover (Trifolium repens) is common in lawns across the country. Because active growth begins with cooler temperatures and increased moisture, it’s best to treat white clover in the fall, winter or early spring.

What to look for: Three dark green leaflets (trifoliates), white to pink blossoms 

Life cycle: Cool-season perennial, grows mostly in the spring, summer and fall 

Leaves: Dark green with white crescent markings; grows in groups of three with a stalkless center leaf 

Flowers: Spherical clusters of white to pink pea-like flowers held slightly above the leaves 

Roots: Grow from nodes of stems 

Look-alikes: Other clovers, black medic, oxalis 

Commonly found: Lawns, fields, roadsides 

Treatment recommendations: Apply a product, such as Defendor® specialty herbicide, prior to flowering in fall, winter or spring. Defendor may be applied in conjunction with the first fertilizer and liquid preemergence applications of Dimension® 2EW specialty herbicide of the season. 

State restrictions on the sale and use of Defendor and Dimension 2EW apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. 


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