Ronda Hamm

The impact of experience

As an entomologist and former educator, I’ve seen the impact that a single positive experience can have on a life. Through Corteva Grows Science Outreach our employees proudly partner with individuals and organizations to provide hands-on science and agricultural encounters for members of all ages in our global communities.

Ronda Hamm
Global Academic Relations
PhD, Entomology
Cornell University

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Science ambassadors

Our Purpose

To enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come — Our Corteva Grows Science Outreach program secures this purpose by supporting projects and programs that aid in educational achievement and development, fueling a knowledgeable and diverse agricultural workforce in communities around the world.

Our Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors are Corteva employees who help bring agricultural sciences to life for people around the world. They bring of wealth of experience, a passion for science and a determination to share.

Here’s what they say.

Suzan Khoza, Delmas, South Africa

Suzan Khoza, Delmas, South Africa

It’s ultimately up to us to show the world what we do, what we’ve done and what we can still do. For science to have the greatest impact in the world and help solve global issues especially hunger, as Corteva we need to engage with the learners and spike that interest in them.

Anais Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, USA

Science Ambassadors - Anais Rodriguez

I participate in community outreach activities because it feels good to be able to help others and because I am committed to my country. The most memorable moment doing community outreach was in the Simon Madera elementary school, where I had the opportunity to build and design a scholar garden with the help of coworkers and the students.

Kerry Hurd, Iowa, USA

Science Ambassadors - Kerry Hurd

Our employees have had the great opportunity of being able to share what we do at a Corteva production location with several elementary and high school students as well as local FFA Chapters.  I love being able to take them through the location to show them how soybeans are brought in, conditioned, packaged, warehoused and shipped.  We are able to share with them our values of Safety and Quality and they get to see firsthand how it all works together.  They are always excited to see the equipment and operations as well as the quality testing that we do.  We get the chance to share with them our commitment to Quality for our customers and the lengths that we go to ensure that our customers get the highest quality product possible.

David Pinzon, Calgary, Canada

David Pinzon, Calgary, Canada

The future of agriculture greatly depends on helping people understand how scientific innovations will help humans to continue growing more food in a sustainable way, so everyone has access to enough food. When the community understands the science and safety behind agriculture innovations, they can greatly support farmers and contend misleading information.

Teachers and Students

What the teachers say

“The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive.  Students felt like it was fast paced enough and I think the short sessions kept their interest.”

“Through an interactive presentation and teamwork-building game, the students were able to learn about the numerous types of careers that the field of agricultural science, and Corteva itself, has to offer. Many students were surprised to learn just how much agriculture affects their everyday lives. They were impressed when they realized that a company as significant to their lives as Corteva is operated right in their home town of Indianapolis.”

“This was one of the best field trips I’ve ever been on with my students.”

Corteva Grows Science Outreach

Educational Resources to help teachers and parents with resources

Educational Resources Summary

Corteva Agriscience is a proud supporter of organizations offering educational opportunities. Find links to the resources for various grade levels and subjects in the document below.

Educational-Resources_8.5x11 (PDF)


Activity Book

For our younger audiences this activity book contains word searches, coloring pages, mazes and more!

19_COR_ActivityBook-FPS (PDF)

Duper Family Farm

A comic book (or graphic novel if you prefer) created during Comic Con where the Duper Family works to save their crop from the evil corn borer.

Comic Book Versus Coloring Book (PDF)

Watch a video showing how the comic book was created (YouTube).

Draw Someone in Agriculture

Students of all ages can draw someone in agriculture. Have a discussion about the stereotypes and preconceived notions that we have. Together we can broaden the definition of what a career in agriculture looks like.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Videos

Science Ambassador YouTube Playlist

Check out these career and science videos from our employees.
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