Community Commitment

A part of Hawai`i since 1968, Corteva Agriscience is committed to being a good neighbor and contributing to our community.

Helping make Hawai`i thrive

Corteva is proud of its partnerships, educational outreach and investment in the local community. Through agricultural partnerships, educational initiatives and by supporting community organizations, Corteva Agriscience is playing a part in helping make Hawai‘i a better place.

Working with local farmers to plant crops

Corteva contracts with local farmers at its Waialua Parent Seed location to plant corn and sunflower crops, providing reliable income and allowing the farmers to use Corteva’s land to plant their own crops in rotation.

Protecting the environment

As part of our environmental stewardship practices, Corteva farms oat cover crops to protect soil from wind and rain erosion. The cover crops are mowed and baled at maturity to provide low-cost feed for livestock and local farms.

As Hawai‘i's farmers and ranchers continue to research options for locally grown livestock feed, Corteva has developed a neighborly partnership with Robert Cherry of Flying R Livestock that makes valuable use of cover crop plantings.

Educational farm tours

To provide additional educational opportunities for Hawai‘i’s students, Corteva opens its farms for tours to support agriculture education through partnerships with teachers that include STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum.

Growing better food

We understand that quality food is the foundation of thriving communities and we work closely with farmers to ensure that the latest thinking and technology are used to grow better food, while sustaining the land and conserving resources.

Giving Back

Corteva annually contributes tens of thousands of dollars to local community organizations, but more importantly, its employees dedicate thousands of hours of volunteer time to make the islands a better place.