Corteva Hawai‘i: your questions answered

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Our role in Hawai`i agriculture and the community

As leaders in the agriscience industry, we endeavor to go beyond our immediate interests for the purpose of benefiting society as a whole.

Why is Corteva Agriscience in Hawai‘i?

Developing trait specific seeds requires years of research followed by multiple cycles of crop growth for selection and refinement. A single variety must be planted, grown and harvested up to eight or more consecutive times to achieve the necessary purity.

The tropical climate and mild winter in Hawai‘i renders it one of few locations in the world that allows for multiple growing seasons per year. Hawai‘i’s three to four growing seasons per year allow for seed varieties to be developed and delivered to market efficiently.

Hawai‘i boasts a highly skilled technical workforce and a well-developed, reliable infrastructure for agriculture production and export. The legacy of which culminates in nearly a century of large scale sugar and pineapple production for international export.

What does Corteva grow in Hawai‘i?

Corteva Agriscience grows both conventional and genetically engineered corn seeds. Additionally, Corteva adopts vacant land to plant cover crops including sunn hemp, oats and buckwheat.

What is Corteva doing to protect the environment?

Corteva Agriscience and its employees are committed to being good stewards of the land and are always looking at ways of conserving and protecting the land. We have implemented soil conservation and dust mitigation plans at all of our locations to ensure the long-term health of the soil.

To protect our crops from weeds and pests, we use an approach considered the gold standard in agriculture called integrated pest management.

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How does Corteva support the community?

Corteva is committed to supporting the local community, annually contributing tens of thousands of dollars to local community organizations and causes. Most importantly, our employees dedicate thousands of volunteer hours to render the Islands a better place.

How do I schedule a visit to a Corteva farm?

Corteva encourages residents to learn more about the Islands’ agricultural heritage and how our company has played a role in sustaining farming in Hawai‘i and around the world. Participating in a tour of the farm is an excellent way to see and experience our responsible farming practices.

For more information, or to schedule a visit to the farm, contact us at

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