Reaching out to the community

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Committed to Our Community

We are committed to being a supportive and responsible contributor to the local community. We help improve the quality of life in communities where our employees live and work, and believe that our success is tied to the success of those communities.

Corporate Citizenship

Our corporate citizenship program strives to meet the unique needs of each community, while supporting our business and employee community service interests.

Science and technology are at the heart of creating sustainable solutions to many of society's challenges, therefore we focus our efforts on serving growers and ranchers, preparing tomorrow's innovators through science education programming, and preserving and protecting the environment. We also provide leadership and take an active role on issues of mutual importance in the communities in which we operate.

Social Investment

Our social investment in Puerto Rico prioritizes our involvement in community transformation and local social development, rather than welfarism and philanthropy. Our approach leverages the knowledge of the territory and the needs and expectations of the communities, building relationships with key stakeholders and organizations, including public, private, social and academic. We actively participate in the collective construction of social agendas, working in collaboration with community leaders. We support local transformation in Puerto Rico by providing financial, human and technological resources to the community.